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Harog Technology's graphite bipolar plates stand out in the market due to their unique features and benefits.

PEMFC Graphite Plate
Fuel Cell Graphite Bipolar Plate
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Meet Harog at H2 & FC EXPO Tokyo at W2-51

As one of the top graphite bipolar plates manufacturers in the world, Harog Technology will attend to the Expo for the second time. We are very excited to meet all the old and new friends at our booth W2-51.

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Brief Introduction on Fuel Cells Types Currently in the Market

A fuel cell is a biological as well as electrochemical system that is classified based on the electrolyte used and the manufacturing process. These fuel cells produce various forms of energy through an electrochemical process or are used to generate heat-based energy or electricity without the need

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The respective advantages of hydrogen fuel engines for automobiles and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles

Hydrogen engines and hydrogen fuel cells are two different technologies that use hydrogen as an energy source, and each has some advantages and disadvantages. Here are their main advantages:hydrogen engines1 High energy density: Hydrogen has a high energy density, allowing hydrogen fuel engines to p


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