Harog Technology develops solutions from CARBON & GRAPHITE that set no limits to your ideas.
Zhejiang Harog Technology Co., Ltd is established in aprile 2019, with a total investment of more than 500 million RMB possessing a factory of more than 80,000 ㎡ located in Meishan Youth Science and Technology Park, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, China.

With R&D center specialized in carbon & graphite materials and various department of fuel cell graphite bipolar plates, graphite modification (coating) and anti-oxidation graphite, semiconductor and PV graphite and thermal graphite sheet, Harog is dedicated to meet all your needs regarding carbon/graphite products.

Our R&D center has more than 30 staff and 80% of them are with titles as doctor, master, bachelor and engineer. We have a full production line that is capable of producing products from materials like carbon, graphite, carbon fiber and CFC(carbon fiber composite).

What we mainly produce are: PECVD graphite boats, fuel cell graphite bipolar plates, PGS (pyrolytic graphite sheet) thermal graphite sheets, graphite products in semiconductor field, graphite electrodes, graphite molds, graphite sealing parts, ingot casting products, CFC products, graphite felt, etc.. Meanwhile we also sell imported graphite raw materials.

We strictly follow our operating principles “Quality, Innovation and Service”, stand for our motto “Stay faithful and focus on lofty ideas”, carry on the conception for talents “Respect, Trust and Full Scopes”, to build the finest brand in the business, offer most competitive and reliable products for our clients in the fields of new materials, renewable energy, semiconductor etc., present only the best solutions and services, continuously creating value for clients and eventually making contributions for a better world.

Our Advantage
Harog Technology knows how quickly your business is moving and wants to make your experience with us as easy as it can. Our sales and customer service representatives are committed to you and your business.
We are a technology-based and global leader in the development and manufacture of carbon/graphite based solutions. Our materials and products made from specialty graphite, high purity isotropic graphite, anti-oxidation graphite, sic-coated graphite, carbon fibers and composites are in demand in industries that are defining the future.
With our own ISO 9001 certified workshops, we can consistently offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. In addition, our extensive R&D and manufacturing experience in the graphite industry enables us to deliver graphite products and thermal interface materials that meet the most stringent quality standards.
We also offer a range of high-specification graphite products that can be custom made which will allow semiconductor manufacturers to operate at higher temperatures with improved efficiency, improved yield, predictable processes.
Patents & Certificates

Innovating with precision, quality, and excellence.

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