Why Choose Graphite Electrodes for EDM

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There has been a longstanding debate about whether graphite or copper is a better EDM electrode material.

One of main reasons people have historically used copper within Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is because it is cleaner in their working environment, but is that where the advantages of the material stop?


Electrode Cost

In terms of material cost, it is commonly assumed that copper is lower priced than graphite. This is often the result of comparing the price of copper material with more expensive grades of graphite available. Due to the wide range of graphite materials available, it is proven that some EDM grades are more economical than copper. Furthermore, most comparisons do not consider the cost of machining the electrode. Significant cost savings can be made choosing graphite over copper, generated through reduced machining times and speed of cut, less production time to create electrodes, faster EDM times and better throughput from EDM machines. For example, due to the soft 'ductile' characteristics of copper, the material is often 'gummy' and conventional machining practices, such as feeds and speeds must be altered to successfully machine this material. This results in longer machining times and increased costs. In comparison, graphite can be conventionally machined much more easily and quickly and even with more expensive graphite materials, the machining costs often offset any savings that are realised when choosing copper.


Graphite electrodes offer high levels of thermal and electrical conductivity. They are able to withstand incredibly high temperatures, the arc is circa 5000ºC, which makes graphite unique in that it is ideal for numerous high temperature processes and operations, such as electrodes in electric arc furnaces

Our graphite electrodes are suitable for a number of applications. Primarily used for electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces for steel processing, they can also be used for melting products in smelting furnaces, non-ferrous metals, precious metals recovery, ceramic products and for recycling waste.

They’re available in a range of grades, including RP, HP, SHP and UHP, and our expertise allows us to match the grade with the desired application, which minimises your costs whilst optimising your process.


Size & Weight


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