The Social Necessity of the Development of Carbon-Carbon Composite Materials

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Carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon material with a carbon content of more than 90%. It has excellent mechanical properties. Compared with other high-performance fibers, it has the highest specific strength and highest specific modulus.Especially in the high temperature inert environment above 2000°C, it is the only substance whose strength does not decrease.In addition, it also has many other unique and excellent properties: low density, high sublimation heat, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, fatigue resistance, high vibration attenuation, low thermal expansion coefficient, point-to-point thermal conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, textile processing Sex is excellent, etc.Therefore, carbon fiber composite materials also have excellent properties unmatched by other composite materials, and are used in various fields of military and civilian industries.

C/C composite materials are the main breaking point of new materials in the future. I think that the current research and development focus is not on the repeated research on their preparation, but on their application research in the preparation process, especially on traditional industries, new energy Industrial modification research.

Traditional isostatic graphite and carbon felt or graphite felt are still the mainstream as thermal insulation.Only a few companies in the world, such as Kureha Chemical, Tokai Carbon, and Toyo Carbon, have put a small amount of carbon-carbon composite materials on the market.Japan, Germany and France have several patents on the process of manufacturing crucibles with carbon-carbon composite materials, indicating that the application of carbon-carbon composite materials in this field is still in the exploratory stage.

The earthquake in Japan in March 2011 and the crisis of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan have greatly threatened the human living environment, and the sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry has been greatly favored.The earthquake was also a big blow to isostatic graphite materials. Nippon Carbon and Kure Yu Chemical Co., Ltd. were located in Sendai or near Sendai. Toyo and Tokai also lowered their shipment expectations due to insufficient power. A foregone conclusion.Many domestic graphite thermal field manufacturers mainly eat Japanese materials.Supply of heaters and crucibles will be difficult.Nanfang Boyun's expansion of production this year can provide the market with carbon-carbon composite crucibles and heaters, which may alleviate the shortage of the graphite market.

1) Realize material replacement: The improved Siemens method is used to manufacture high-purity silicon. In order to improve the recycling efficiency of exhaust gas and realize closed-loop environmentally friendly production, thermal hydrogenation process is generally used.The heat shields in the imported large hydrogenation furnaces are made of stainless steel and graphite.The high-temperature corrosive gas makes the stainless steel insulation cover easy to damage, forcing the manufacturer to quickly seek replacement; large-scale high-purity graphite is expensive, and the insulation cylinder spliced ​​with multiple pieces of graphite is bulky and expensive, and its insulation effect is poor.Replacing traditional materials with advanced carbon-carbon composite materials improves product quality, reduces energy consumption, and reduces product costs;

2) Improve product reliability: the strength of carbon-carbon composite materials is 10 times that of traditional materials, and the replacement of materials promotes the improvement of structural design. Greatly improve the safety, economy, reliability and maintainability of the equipment;

3) Improve product performance: carbon-carbon composite material has good integrity, smooth and regular surface, high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, slow deterioration, long life, and reduced consumption of consumables; thermal field performance continues Stable, stable product quality, improved yield and reduced consumption.

High-performance carbon.The large-scale application of carbon composite materials in silicon crystal growth furnaces; it is conducive to promoting the progress of carbon fiber industry technology and technology, and is conducive to improving the manufacturing level of my country's carbon fiber industry; continuous improvement and continuous large-scale vacuum equipment design and manufacturing technology, the The level of key process equipment for manufacturing carbon-carbon composite materials has been pushed to a new level.

Reduce import dependence and promote technological progress

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