"Six Major Directions" of Harog Technology's Graphite Plates

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From 15th to 17th Nov, the sixth China (Foshan) International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Products Exhibition (CHFE2022) was held in Foshan Nanhai Qiaoshan Cultural Center.

As another grand event in the hydrogen energy industry, this conference covers hydrogen energy infrastructure, fuel cells, core components, materials, fuel cell vehicle manufacturing, industrial cooperation, and the entire industrial chain of hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and hydrogen utilization. Enterprises provide another important platform for industry exchange and development.

As a leading domestic fuel cell graphite bipolar plate company, Harog Technology also exhibited its graphite bipolar plate products used in hydrogen energy vehicles, hydrogen energy drones, stationary or backup power supplies and other fields at this Foshan exhibition.


The leading products of Harog Technology are PECVD graphite boats, graphite bipolar plates for fuel cells, graphite for semiconductor applications, carbon fiber composite materials, graphene-like thermal conductive films, etc. A number of advanced production lines such as non-toxic (coating) business department, anti-oxidation graphite business department, graphite thermal film die-cutting business department, etc.

At present, Harg Technology's CNC graphite bipolar plate product models are mainly concentrated in water-cooled stack plates, with a service life of more than 30,000 hours, a material density > 2.0g/cm³; compressive strength > 160mpa; bending strength > 70mpa; contact Resistance<5mΩ·cm²; in-plane conductivity>1100S/cm; helium gas transmission rate<2*10E-12.

In terms of products, Harog Technology also launched air-cooled graphite bipolar plates for low-power products, which have been used in drones, two-wheelers, forklifts and other scenarios.

At the same time, in order to better meet the current market demand, Harog Technology has simultaneously developed a large-area ultra-thin graphite bipolar plate. Under the condition of meeting the current technical indicators, the active area area exceeds 800cm², which is more suitable for future fixed power station stacks and for flow batteries.


At present, Harog Technology has established strategic partnerships with a number of well-known domestic and foreign stack companies. Its graphite bipolar plate products cover two major fields: fuel cell transportation and power generation——

·Transportation field: light, medium and heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles and forklifts, etc., the stack power is 30kW, 80kW, 120kW, 150kW;

·Hydrogen energy storage field: commercial fixed integrated power supply, single module 150kW, fixed module 1MW. Household combined heat and power 5-10kW module.

·The technical advantages of Harog Technology's graphite bipolar plates are mainly reflected in the following five points——

·Special plugging process and exclusive formula of graphite microporous plugging agent ensure longer service life of graphite bipolar plate;

·Unique processing technology ensures contact resistance ≤5mΩ·c㎡;

·Exclusive packaging and sealing technology ensures that the three cavities will not be connected to each other when the bipolar plate is used for a long time;

·Light milling processing technology, the board thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm (single panel)/0.8mm (double panel);

·Exclusively designed and developed ultra-large bipolar plate, the power per liter is greatly improved.


Harog Technology said that as of now, the company has shipped a total of more than 2 million bipolar plates (water-cooled, air-cooled, and flow batteries), and the order has been scheduled until May 2023; a total of more than 20,000 stacked plates have been widely used. Used in various hydrogen energy vehicles, hydrogen energy unmanned aerial vehicles, fixed or backup power supplies and other fields.

At this stage, Harog Technology is developing and optimizing bipolar plates for flow batteries, bipolar plates for high-temperature fuel cells, and bipolar plates for stationary power generation fuel cells. Solve the high temperature resistant (>200°C) and 85% concentrated phosphoric acid environment of the plate, and the service life of the bipolar plate for fixed power generation exceeds 100,000 hours. Related new products are expected to be announced by the end of the year.

In the future, Harog Technology will carry out strategic layout from six aspects: develop large-area and long-lasting bipolar plates; reduce the thickness of the plate boundary wall by 50%; develop special graphite plates that are resistant to potential corrosion and are suitable for use in electrolyzed water equipment ; By improving materials and processes, strive to exceed 50,000 hours of bipolar plate life; continue to reduce costs through processing processes; develop carbon products in other fields for stacks.


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