Harog Technology staged the "big four" of 2022 graphite bipolar plates

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2022 has gone by, looking back at the field of bipolar plates in the hydrogen energy industry, Zhejiang Harog Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Harog Technology)is unswervingly walking on the road of development of graphite bipolar plates, and has been cultivating deeply since its establishment Graphite modification technology, graphite bipolar plates, high thermal conductivity graphite radiators and other products are widely praised by the market.

In 2022, even though constantly affected by the epidemic, in terms of sales, product quantity, market share, and service life, it staged a wave of annual "big four" by virtue of its own advantages in graphite plate products.


Harog Technology's 2022 graphite bipolar plate annual "big four", the specific breakthroughs are as follows:

  • In 2022, the sales of graphite bipolar plates exceeded 100 million yuan;

  • The number of bipolar plates exceeded 3 million pieces;

  • Market share exceeded 60%;

  • Plate life over 50,000 hours.

Driven by research and development, the 2022 graphite plate "big four" staged”

As a technology-based enterprise, R&D is the vitality of Harog Technology. Only through R&D and product performance catching up with peers can it occupy the market.

Zhou Zhiqiang, general manager of Harog Technology, once said: "The company will continue to increase research and development efforts, and will spend about 6% on research and development, totaling about 12 million yuan."

It is worth mentioning that Harog Technology has passed the national high-tech enterprise declaration in 2021, and can obtain high-tech enterprise subsidies, high-tech industry investment project subsidies, income tax deduction, R&D expenses super deduction and many other subsidies.

At present, Harog Technology has obtained more than 50 invention patents through independent research and development, and already applied for more than 20 patents in the field of bipolar plates alone, covering micropore sealing materials, graphite substrates, processing technology, air tightness testing and other fields.


Image source: Harog Technology

Through the dedicated attitude of R&D personnel to product performance, continuous investment in R&D funds, courage to try, and continuous iterative upgrade of products, Harog graphite bipolar plate has its own patented technology, and its production process and application effect are in the leading position in the world. The exclusive formula of graphite microporous plugging agent can make the service life of the bipolar plate longer.

Compared with 2021, Harog Technology's graphite bipolar plate has been greatly improved in many aspects in 2022, as follows:

  • Sales volume - more than doubled;
  • Price - as low as 200 yuan/kW;
  • Lifespan - increased by 50%;
  • Market share - increased by 50%;
  • R & D personnel - double the number.

Also driven by research and development,  the sales of Harog Technology's graphite bipolar plates exceeded 100 million yuan in 2022, the number of bipolar plates exceeded 3 million pieces, the market share exceeded 60%, and the service life of the plates exceeded 50,000 hours, the graphite plate "big four happiness" was successfully staged.

Prove strength with product advantages, favored by domestic and foreign customers

With the upgrading of products, the routes of bipolar plates are becoming more and more diversified. However, graphite bipolar plates are still the mainstream of current market applications because of their good electrical and thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Harog Technology starts from the mainstream of the market and relies on the company's technological advantages to continue to produce high-performance graphite bipolar plates for fuel cells.

Harog Technology has five unique core technical advantages of fuel cell graphite plate to ensure the high-quality performance of the product——

  • Special plugging process and exclusive formula of graphite microporous plugging agent ensure longer service life of graphite bipolar plate;
  • Unique processing technology ensures contact resistance ≤5mΩ·c㎡;
  • Exclusive packaging and sealing technology ensures that the three cavities will not be connected to each other when the bipolar plate is used for a long time;
  • Light milling processing technology, the board thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm (single panel)/0.8mm (double panel);
  • Exclusively designed and developed ultra-large bipolar plate, the power per liter is greatly improved.

Harog Technology's graphite bipolar plate has been verified by many customers, the performance of the whole stack has the least attenuation, and it ranks the best in many indicators such as ethylene glycol resistance, aging resistance, pressure resistance, and service life. The following are the core indicators of Harog Technology’s third-generation graphite bipolar plate:


Image source:Harog Technology

In addition, foreign customers of Harog Technology have also conducted various tests and verifications on their products, such as size, contact resistance, blasting test, air tightness, cold start, etc., and all tests were passed at one time.

In 2022, Harog Technology's bipolar plate has reached a production capacity of 6 million pieces per year, and its shipments will reach more than 3 million pieces, of which foreign shipments account for about 40% and domestic shipments account for 60%.

Comply with market demand, develop products + expand layout

At present, Harog Technology's machined graphite bipolar plate product models are mainly concentrated in water-cooled stack plates, with a service life of more than 30,000 hours, a material density > 2.0g/cm³; compressive strength > 160mpa; bending strength > 70mpa; contact Resistance<5mΩ·cm²; in-plane conductivity>1100S/cm; helium gas transmission rate<2*10E-12.

In terms of products, Harog Technology also launched air-cooled graphite bipolar plates for low-power products, which have been used in drones, two-wheelers, forklifts and other scenarios.

At the same time, in order to better meet the current market demand, Harog Technology has simultaneously developed a large-area ultra-thin graphite bipolar plate. Under the condition of meeting the current technical indicators, the active area exceeds 800cm², which is more suitable for future fixed power station stacks and for flow batteries.


Image source:Harog Technology

At present, Harog Technology has established strategic partnerships with a number of well-known domestic and foreign stack companies. Its graphite bipolar plate products cover two major fields: fuel cell transportation and power generation——

  • Transportation: light, medium and heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles and forklifts, etc., the stack power is 30kW, 80kW, 120kW, 150kW;
  • Hydrogen energy storage: commercial fixed integrated power supply, single module 150kW, fixed module 1MW. Household combined heat and power 5-10kW module.

In 2022, Harog Technology has shipped more than 3 million bipolar plates (water-cooled, air-cooled, and flow batteries) in total, and orders have been scheduled until May 2023; a total of more than 20,000 stacked plates have been widely used in various hydrogen energy vehicles , Hydrogen unmanned aerial vehicle, fixed or backup power supply and other fields.

At this point, Harog Technology is developing and optimizing bipolar plates for flow batteries, bipolar plates for high-temperature fuel cells, and bipolar plates for stationary power generation fuel cells, hoping to solve the high temperature resistant (>200°C) and 85% concentrated phosphoric acid environment of the plate, and the service life of the bipolar plate for fixed power generation to exceed 100,000 hours. Related new products are expected to be announced by the end of the year.

At the“2022 Trendbank Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry Annual Conference”, Bao Xianjun, director/deputy general manager of Huarong Technology, said that Huarong Technology will develop hydrogen energy from three major directions:

First, under the premise of ensuring performance, develop high-performance and low-cost bipolar plates; 

Second, research and develop carbon products in other fields for fuel cells; 

Thirdly, make the life time of bipolar plates for energy storage exceed 80,000 hours. 

In the future, Huarong Technology will still "work down-to-earth, and seek development with hydrogen power".


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